Cheltenham Festival

This week, the annual Cheltenham Festival comes galloping into Gloucestershire with hats, horses and Guinness galore at the Racetrack in Prestbury. Goodnight Mister Tom celebrates its 30th anniversary with a brand new production starring Oliver Ford Davies, coming to Cheltenham for one week only, George Montague performs and an overnight kart racing challenge to raise money for kids.. Plus, the chance to win an equine work of art from Dwell at The Brewery.

I was born in Prestbury village where they have the racecourse  where the Cheltenham Festival is held. I recall back during the war when the whole racecourse was taken over by the American troops who were welcomed like Flowers in May by us kids because they always had lotsa candy  (Babe Ruth, Juicy Fruit Gum , etc.) to give us kids when we yelled “Any Gum Chum”!


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  1. Did you pick the winner in the Cheltenham Gold Cup Race?

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