I am Roger Asquith. I learned to operate a radio in the Royal Air Force and later trained as a Marine Radio Officer , then set sail around the world on British, Australian, Swedish vessels and finally the hell ship known as the CUBAN TRADER. In my first book I write about sex, lies, murder, mutiny and rum on the high seas of the Caribbean during the middle of the Cuban Revolution.

After leaving the Merchant Marines, I worked as TV cameraman at CBC Toronto. I moved to Hollywood, California where I created the Hollywood News Service and interviewed celebrities like Elvis Presley, Bette Davis, George Cukor, Marilyn Monroe to Lucille Ball, for U.K. and American magazines.  I escaped Hollywood and opened a bar on the Costa de Sol in Spain which inspired another story, a wild adventure chasing a thief in drag from Palm Springs to Spain and finally a Sultan’s Sex Palace in exotic Tangiers. SELBY will soon follow the Cuban Trader to a book shelf or Kindle near you and THAT’S HOLLYWOOD will tattle on some of Tinseltown’s most iconic celebrities. My novels are based on my most curious  life, drawing on true experience and a bit of magic.

This blog will feature what comes to mind. If you find the journey educating, entertaining, or worth a laugh, follow me.


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