Selby_Cover_Web_1A wild gay comedy adventure as a private detective chases a cross dressing embezzler from Palm Springs to Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

Selby Grant is suspected of embezzling millions of dollars. Awaiting trial in California, he skips bail, dresses in drag and moves to Spain where there is no extradition, hoping to retrieve his wife’s briefcase full of legal papers which he suspects are in Brian Townsend’s possession. Brian is on his way to Spain hoping to help his friend, aging movie star, Dixie Lee, write her “unauthorized” biography. Dixie is now secretly living in Spain with Bobbi Jo, her lesbian friend since childhood. She agrees to cooperate with the biography if he will help locate her estranged family in Georgia. Brian is also hoping to promote Sir Henry Asquith’s vineyard. Sir Henry, a disgraced Member of Parliament welcomes handsome homosexuals to his very successful vineyard, including the wealthy Lord Soames, who dresses in drag to join in the wild orgies. Brian’s other friends include two hustlers, Skeets and Danny: Eric, and an American film-maker, Larry Green, otherwise known as Queenie in drag, and around every corner is a sly private detective chasing after Selby to recover the suspected million dollars. In desperation, in debt, and in stitches, a harrowing adventure of larceny, lechery, lies and whimsy leads to a notorious Sultan’s Sex Palace in Tangiers.

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