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Elvis Presley’s Secret Palm Springs Love Nest – Roger Asquith Tells All!

Exclusive Release of my Elvis Love Nest Photos and Interview

Elvis bar

Bar at Elvis Palm Springs Hideaway

“So this is where Elvis lets it all hang out,” snorted my associate, checking out Elvis’ Palm Springs secret love nest. “I’m not kidding he parades around this pool a la carte, that’s why he planted all these bushes. Take some coloured photographs, Roger.” …and so I did and another and another.

But that all happened many years ago and the coloured slides had been filed away and forgotten, until I read that sixty years had passed since Elvis made his first recording in the now famous Sun Studios in Memphis. The BBC jumped on the anniversary and went to town digging up all the old footage of the first King of Pop and I rummage thru my files and dug up the old coloured slides and sent them to Laura Elvin, news reporter at the South West News Service in Bristol.
A few days later they sent David armed with a truckload of TV equipment to interview me about – Elvis Presley’s Secret Love Nest in Palm Springs.

Sitting back in my favourite armchair I stared into the camera lens only a few feet away remembering I recently had a “nose job” and jokingly informed Mister DeMille I wasn’t ready for my close up. Now the joke was on me.

Elvis Presley Pink Bedroom

Elvis’ Hideaway Pink Room

“So, Roger, tell us about Elvis parading around his pool with nothing on?” was David’s first question. Wow! If that was David’s first salvo, what in the Sam hell was he saving for the last, the headline grabber? I shuddered to think. After truthfully answering David’s opening bombshell, I was very glad the notorious Elvis Mafia and his overpowering manager, Colonel Parker were no longer around to re-arrange my recent nose job and I became a little more relaxed.

Here’s the story behind the pictures. A friend and I were Real Estate agents in Palm Springs with the keys to Elvis Presley’s secret hideaway. Our instructions were to take a quick look around and remove any evidence of orgiastic activity, but the little two bedroom white stucco house with the kidney shaped swimming pool was immaculate. Elvis’ king-size bed was made up. The black silk sheets all neatly in place and even the black pillows were all puffed up ready for Elvis to rest his weary head. A shiny new television set had replaced the previous one that had been used for target practice. It was apparently Elvis’ habit to turn off any program he didn’t like, by popping a few bullets thru the screen. The TV sellers in Palm Springs didn’t mind, business was quite brisk when the King was in town. In the dining room the huge table was set for dinner with sparkling crystal glasses for each guest, although it’s doubtful Elvis was so formal, probably preferring hot dogs and burgers on the patio barbeque while letting it all hang out.

David For Southwest News Service

David For Southwest News Service

I would have preferred to talk about my other adventures, written up in my book Cuban Trader or the sex, murder and blackmail in That’s Hollywood, but David preferred to question me about Elvis and his secret love nest in Palm Springs… YES, there were pix of Elvis all around the place. NO, there were no pix of him in the nude. Yes, there were two juke boxes stacked with his gold records. YES. There was a secluded heated swimming pool. NO, I didn’t know who slept in the second bedroom. YES, I did take a souvenir of my visit; a wine glass with E.P. etched into the crystal and gave it to my friend Cindy.

Finally David asked me a few questions about having lunch with Elvis at MGM where he made all his films. YES,I was invited many times, and dutifully wrote up a glowing report, albeit censored by the Colonel. YES he was a good host. Yes the food was good and YES he gave me a signed LP from his latest film. NO, I was never invited to his orgiastic parties.

So, what did I think of Elvis’ secret love nest in Palm Springs?

For a secret love nest it was well planned. The perfect place for a wild weekend. Heavy duty double beds, a well-stocked bar, and two juke boxes stacked with Elvis recordings. Outside the patio and kidney shaped pool were hidden from the nosey neighbours by tall Palm Trees and evergreen bushes. What more did anyone want? Maybe a few gallons of sun tan lotion and a tiny camera to take pix when Elvis wasn’t looking!!!!

The article and full collection of pix can be seen at Metro.co.uk and the interview can be seen on YouTube.

And any news outlets who pick it up…

Well, That’s Hollywood!


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Bad Boy Bieber

Justin Bieber“There’s no such thing as bad publicity, just spell the name right and include the title of their latest movie or music video.” With millions of dollars worth of free world-wide publicity, and his pix splashed all over the world’s press, what more could Justin Bieber’s  agents ask for? It’s obvious what their Golden Boy is asking for, some time off from work. Standing up in front of hundreds of screaming teenagers and belting out your latest hit record over and over again…that’s work.  At 19 Justin should be  in college getting an education, or at least given a couple  months away from his demanding fans and  money hungry agents. He should be vacationing incognito at some sunny resort and relaxing with his trusted friends.

Me and Elvis

Me and Elvis

Elvis Presley was also bad boy.  Fortunately for him, any scurrilous reports about his penchant for San Quentin quail  and shooting up his TV screen if he didn’t like the program were  successfully kept out of the press by the omnipresent  and repressive Colonel Tom  Parker  who vigorously censored any press release on his golden boy.I was invited to have lunch with Elvis many times when he was shooting his musicals at MGM. He was the perfect host making sure his guests were well fed and always handed out a signed copy of his latest L.P.  plus an invitation to the premiere of his movie…but all this would have ended if I had let a few cats out of the  bag  about  his private life. My motto in Hollywood was simple, why bite the hand that feeds you, furthermore I thought everyone was entitled to a private life.

Who are these 76.000 people  demanding Justin  Bieber  hand  in his American Green Card working permit and be deported back to Canada ?  Where were they when Justin’s fellow foreigners broke the rules?

Richard Harris from Ireland was a notorious drunken hell raiser.  I met him on the CAMELOT where fortunately he behaved himself and left the bonking to Vanessa and Franco, but, having no Colonel Parker around to suppress them, his drunken brawls made headlines in all the American gossip columns, but there’s no demand for his deportation.

Colin Farell, another handsome Irishman who quickly rose to fame after his TV series BALLYKISSANGEL which was made in Dublin. Colin soon flew out to Tinseltown to make TIGERLAND  and  garnered a lot of  attention when he appeared naked in the movie, willingly showing off his “dangly bits” . With his new found fame and fortune , Colin soon became a hell raising  womanizer. Charged with drug addition, bad behaviour and the scandal of appearing in a sex tape, he managed to avoid and jail time, became a father and started taking life seriously. Playing the title role in the film ALEXANDER, he donned a blond wig and romped thru the film with his broad  Irish accent accompanied by fellow Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers who was born in Dublin, is another Green carder holder with an American work permit.  He too has had his share of bad publicity as a hell-raising party animal. He was arrested for drug use and bad behaviour but survived to play such diverse roles as Henry VIII, the Tudor king of England and Elvis Presley, the one-time king of Hollywood.  He, like his fellow Irishman , Colin Farrell avoided jail time, toned down his behaviour and is now taking life a little more seriously.

Russell Crowe an Australian actor with an American work permit and a notorious bad temper that has got himself  into trouble with the police. Arrested many times for his drug addiction and loutish  behaviour  he is still in Hollywood and making movies.

Jude Law an English actor with an American Green Card work permit  and the father of three children, hasn’t exactly been on his best behaviour when  in Hollywood.  He may have avoided being arrested, but his notorious womanizing has certainly caught the attention of gossip columnists.   Yet being famous as a world-wide womanizer, Jude  successfully played  “Bosie”  the selfish gay lover boy of  Oscar Wilde,  in the film WILDE which starred Stephen Fry in the title role.

Justin Bieber certainly let off steam in Florida, racing his million dollar Lamborghini along the deserted streets of Miami , cheered on by his selfish entourage, but  does  this  stupid and dangerous offence call for his deportation back to Canada. He has done nothing worse than his fellow foreigners who have an American Green Card and they are still welcome in Tinseltown….

Well I suppose  That’s Hollywood!

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